Performance Assurance



Education space is going thru a great transformation. Internet and mobile have enabled every student to a variety of learning materials. Same way, teachers are able to reach students across the globe.

LMS products, eLearning platforms, online applications processing, online test management, course/schedule planning, continuous assessments etc. are now available as subscription software to every educational institute.  

Our team has got a developed deep expertise in the following test areas on education domain.

  1. Content validation of eLearning platform
  2. Validation of virtual labs
  3. Compatibility testing of the platform across PC and mobile devices
  4. Performance tests when 1000s of students submit applications or assignments or online test answers
  5. Analytics on continuous assessments
  6. Tests done by actual school and college students, of newly introduced courses - for its usability, culture based content, etc.
  7. Alumni management, constant communcations to alumni groups on events
  8. Bandwidth related performance tests
  9. Trend analysis of courses and topics based on user engagement and viewership data