Performance Assurance



eGovernance is inseparable for any country today. Every department in every state is now having a portal towards core business of the depatment, feedback/complaints. There is an apex within every state on tender process, project allocation and tracking process, accounting process and audit process.

Core information for all departments such as public distribution system (PDS), utility bills such as electricity/water, tax collections/notices, etc. are all now open to public.

Evolutyz Corp has conducted a variety of validation processes across multiple departments, on the following areas:

  1. Large data creation - citizen data, department data
  2. Functional validation of flows from tender to project execution
  3. Performance tests over very large data sets - 100 mn citizen data
  4. Mobile and tab access testing
  5. BI tests for the critical metrics for each department
  6. 3rd party interfaces for payments, banks